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Calabasas Trust Attorney

Calabasas Trust Attorney

Each attorney at Sirkin Law Group has over 23 years of experience serving Calabasas Trust clients.   We are dedicated to helping families prepare their estate plans and administer trusts.  Our Certified Specialist Attorney in Estate Planning, Probate and Trust Law has handled thousands of trust matters since 1992.

Our Estate Planning packages include all of the documents necessary in creating and funding the trusts.   Transfer of trust property into living trusts is the most important action you will take in making sure your trust will be administered properly.

When you plan for your estate, your trustee can step into your shoes in the event of your incapacity or your death and manage the assets of the trust, as if he/she is you.  This can be a very easy transition during times of stress for families.

Why Do Our Calabasas Attorneys Transfer the Real Estate to Your Trust?

Titling assets in the name of your trust, or naming the trust as a beneficiary  insures that the distribution of assets will be according to the terms of your trust.   We provide planning assistance as well as administration help for our clients.    Consultations are easy and free, and can be set up by calling 818.340.4479.  If your are considering preparing a living trust, contact us.  Calabasas Living Trust: See our Calabasas Trust Attorney today!
Calabasas Trust Attorney

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