Conservatorship Consultation Los Angeles

Conservatorship Consultation in Los Angeles

The most important thing about becoming a conservator in Los Angeles is obtaining legal advice in a consultation with a specialist attorney who has many years of experience in conservatorship matters.

Knowing the process of conservatorships can help ease the stress on loved ones who are involved in managing the care of an elderly or disabled person.

The Conservatorship Process

A simplified view of the conservatorship process in Los Angeles can be as follows:

  1. Filing of the Petition
  2. Court Hearing
  3. Getting a Conservatorship Bond
  4. Issuance of Order and Letters of Conservatorship
  5. Inventory
  6. Estate Management
  7. Petition for Accounting

Establishing a roadmap of what can be expected in court, as well as after a conservator is appointed is more important than the initial filing of the petition for conservatorship.    At Sirkin Law Group, we give our clients the education they need to navigate the conservatorship system in Los Angeles.   Learn more about conservatorships here.

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