Living Trusts

Living Trust Question and Answers:

Los Angeles CA & San Fernando Valley

Average Cost of a Living Trust

The average cost of a living trust in Los Angeles can generally range from $2500–$4500 or more depending on the complications of the trust and estate.   Ask us for a flat fee quote at your free consultation appointment.

Revocable Living Trust California

A revocable living trust in California is a vehicle for passing on assets upon death and managing them during incapacity, without court supervision.   Our revocable trust services are offered in the San Fernando Valley, in Los Angeles, and in Woodland Hills Ca.

Do I need a Living Trust?

If you have assets exceeding $150,000 which do not pass by contract in California, you generally need a living trust so that your estate does not go through probate.   If you have children with special needs, you should take special care in providing for them in a way that does not disqualify them from their government, via a special needs trust.

What documents do I need to set up a living trust?

We provide a family information kit which tells you what documents to bring with you to your free consultation appointment.   Email: for your free consultation kit or call 818.340.4479.  For more information about living trusts in Los Angeles, visit:  Los Angeles Living Trust

Can I use a Living trust form?

If you are licensed as an attorney in California and have experience in preparing trusts, the answer is, yes.  If you are not licensed as an attorney, we do not recommend use of a form.

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