Is Your Probate Case Guarded? Los Angeles County Probate Guardians

Whether you are a beneficiary of a will, or involved in a probate case, you will want a law office to guard your personal interests at every step of the way in the Los Angeles County Probate court system.   Our Los Angeles Law Firm, Sirkin Law Group has over 26 years of experience as guardians of probate cases in Los Angeles County.

What can make your probate case different from other probate cases that would require a guarded stance?

Each will and probate comes with its own dynamics.   In some cases, clients worry about the executor taking too much money, while in other cases, people may be concerned about a probate executor overstepping his authority or obtaining a personal benefits from the estate to the detriment of other beneficiaries.

What we watch for in probates in Los Angeles?

Our attorneys keep a watchful eye in protecting estate beneficiaries with the following:

  1.  We review petitions for probate and detect ways to give priority to our client to be appointed as administrator or executor.
  2.  If an executor or administrator is appointed, we watch for bonds.   Inadequate bonds are one of the reasons for the diminished ability to recover from losses in estates.
  3.  We make sure that the assets are all inventoried and appraised property.   As you know, appraisers and probate referees may have different ideas about the value of the asset at death.   The value of the asset at death establishes the basis for the beneficiary when the asset is later sold.  You will want the highest basis, while a buyer may want a lower basis.   You should watch for executors who want to buy the property for their own account.
  4.  We review and object to estate accountings when appropriate.   Sometimes, accounting petitions request extra-ordinary fees tor the executor and his lawyer.   We can evaluate the request and advise you as to the efficiencies of those fees.

Call our Los Angeles Probate Attorneys when you want to have your case facts evaluated by an expert in probate, a guardian of your interests.   Personal Representatives may from time-to-time need an evaluation of their actions, as do beneficiaries and heir with respect to certain activities of the executor. If you see an action by an executor that may be questionable, you should act fast to bring it to the court’s attention.  Waiting too long is one reason when your rights may be compromised by the passage of time without your knowledge.

For representation and personal attention to your case, we offer services in various California areas and communities such as Woodland Hills, West Hills, Tarzana, Calabasas, Winnetka, Encino, Reseda, Sherman Oaks, Van Nuys, Northridge, Granada Hills, North Hills, North Hollywood, Chatworth, Malibu, Venice, Santa Monica, Silverlake, Atwater Village, Westlake Village, Valley Village, Studio City, Hidden Hills, Agoura, Universal City, Canoga Park, Mission Hills, Panorama City, Pacoima, Sun Valley, Thousand Oaks, Ventura County, Los Angeles County Probate and throughout the San Fernando Valley and Simi Valley.  Let us guard your probate.  Call the Los Angeles County Probate Guardians, Sirkin Law Gorup at 818.340.4479