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Probate Class for Real Estate Agents

Probate Class for Real Estate Agents

Mina Sirkin, Certified Specialist Attorney in Probate by the State Bar of California has put together a probate class for real estate agents in Los Angeles.  Ms. Sirkin has over 23 years of experience in the Probate and Trust areas and has completed sales of hundreds of  probate and trust properties.

Below is an outline of what you will learn in the Probate Course:

  1.  Understanding the Probate Process structure in Los Angeles.
  2.  Where Real Estate Agents can find Probate leads in Los Angeles County.
  3.  Learn to read a Probate Petition or Conservatorship Petition for the best leads.
  4.  Probate Sales v. Conservatorship sales.
  5.  What you can expect when you sell a property in the Probate Court.
  6.  Overbid Process in Court.
  7.  What type of case requires Court confirmation and a hearing?
  8.  All the forms needed to list and sell a probate piece of property.
  9.  Relationships with Executors, Administrators, and Conservators.
  10.  Relationship building with the Probate Bar.
  11.  Data Management and customer contacts.

The Course is all day and includes refreshments and lunch.   Call 818.340.4479 for the schedule of our Probate course in Los Angeles.

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Email: for registration information for the Probate Training Course for Real Estate Agents in Los Angeles.

See our probate class presentation in Los Angeles.

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