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When you are looking for an Estate Attorney Los Angeles, you will find that our lawyers are ready to guide you at every step of the estate, from the start of the petition to the final estate administration and distribution of the estate assets. An estate attorney will give you a roadmap to a successful estate in Los Angeles.

Estate Lawyer Los Angeles Skilled in Probate

Hiring a local estate attorney is done for many purposes in Los Angeles California. The purposes why you may want to hire an attorney for your estate may be either to create an estate plan or to settle or probate an estate. There are thousands of estate attorneys in Los Angeles Ca, but there are very few attorneys whose practice ranges above 27 years in estate planning, inheritance law and estate administration.

Reasons to hire our inheritance attorney as your estate attorney in Los Angeles

  1. You need to probate a will of a loved one.
  2. You want to discuss your situation with an attorney who represents a beneficiary of a will or estate of a Los Angeles, Ca decedent.
  3. Someone has taken advantage of your relative or financially abused your elder friend or loved one.
  4. Your friend or loved one has passed away, leaving a will or leaving no will at all.
  5. You live close to Los Angeles California and prefer to call or consult a local estate lawyer.
  6. You want an expert estate lawyer to discuss your family estate situation.
  7. You are looking for a skilled and experienced estate counsel, as your estate attorneys.
  8. You need a free estate consultation in Los Angeles California.
  9. You have a trust and estate matter that cannot wait and is urgent.
  10. You want a Los Angeles Ca Board Certified Specialist in Estate Law to counsel and consult.

Our estate attorney and paralegals have served the Los Angeles California areas for over 27 years. We are well-versed in probate and estate law and our estate lawyers are well-known in our community. Do you have trust estate or inheritance questions in Los Angeles County California? Talk to our estate and inheritance attorneys by calling the following telephone number: 818.340.4479. We have skilled paralegals and attorneys who can respond to your inquiries.

Our estate services in Los Angeles CA

a) Probate a Will;

b) Prepare a Will.

c) Administer a probate estate.

c) We prepare the Affidavit of Death of Joint Tenant and supporting documents for our client.

d) We handle large and small estates and transfers relating to both types of estates.

e) We handle 850 Petitions and the filing of any necessary Heggstad Petition.

f) We create estate plans for our clients, including a beneficial living trust, Will, Powers of Attorney, Health Care Directives and all transfer documents to trust.

g) Our estate paralegal will file preliminary changes of ownership reports with deeds.

f) We can handle a Motion to Quash Lis Pendens on real property of the estate.

Call for a free probate consultation with attorney Mina Sirkin to evaluate your estate rights in Los Angeles California by calling 818.340.4479 or Email us at To make an appointment to visit our Los Angeles County Law Offices or ask for a video conference or telephonic appointment via this link: contact estate attorney and counsel and ask for a no-obligation estate consultation our estate lawyers.

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