Talk to your family about Alzheimer's disease: Celebrity Alzheimer’s Cases

We are seeing more attention given to celebrity Alzheimer’s cases these days. Families are not immune from the effect of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Major changes come about when a person is officially diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, regardless of their celebrity status. However, real changes appear years before the official diagnosis. There has been a large increase in the number of Hollywood Consevatorships in the last ten years. Find out why here.

Families treat Alzheimer’s or dementia in many different ways. Some hide the disease from others. Some stars with Alzheimer’s disease deny having Alzheimer’s disease and avoid estate planning or preparation for it. Celebrities are most conscious about their reputation, long after retirement. Most celebrities do not want their ailment revealed and instruct their friends and families to keep it a secret. Secrecy, unfortunately, leads to lack of preparation.

With non-celebrities too, denial is usually the first reaction by the person who is affected by Alzheimer’s disease. Roadblocks exist when a person does not recognize their ailment. Family members can remove the roadblocks by initiating a family estate planning session with a competent estate lawyer in Los Angeles, who is familiar with estate planning for dementia and Alzheimers.

Keeping estate planning simple can sometimes allow the person with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease to have more control over their affairs. Even a simple will plus powers of attorney can assist in allowing the person to take the first steps towards estate planning at the early stages of the disease. When the disease progresses to a point when capacity is lost, estate planning for dementia is done by court order in a conservatorship case. Many celebrities in Hollywood have conservatorship cases.

Read the article by Andrew and Danielle Mayoras about Gene Wilder’s battle with Alzheimer’s disease below.

How do you help your family when it comes to Alzheimer’s disease?

Plan in advance. If you know that your parents or grandparents have experienced dementia, Alzheimer’s, or what was previously referred to as senility, plan ahead and get your own estate planning done now. Talk to your family about Alzheimer’s disease and decision-making. Taking care of business and your legal affairs has the effect of relieving you of the stress of the thought that it may happen to you.

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