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Conservatorship Consultation in Los Angeles

Do you need a conservatorship appointment? The most important thing about becoming a conservator in Los Angeles is obtaining a personal conservatorship consultation with a specialist attorney who has many years of experience consulting and practicing in conservatorship law in Los Angeles County who can give you the proper conservatorship advice.  Consult with us about your circumstances.

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Knowing the process of conservatorship and how to file a conservatorship protects conservatees and conservators and can further help ease the stress on loved ones who are involved in managing the care of an elderly or disabled person. #consultation

The Conservatorship Process

Ask our Conservatorship attorney to advise you about the conservatorship process in Los Angeles about the following matters:

  1. File the Conservatorship Petition, and be sure you give notice of hearing on the proper court form.
  2. Calendar and attend the Court Hearing.
  3. Get a Conservatorship Bond.
  4. Issuance of Order and Letters of Conservatorship.  Letters of Conservatorship is the most important document you will obtain from the Los Angeles Court.
  5. Inventory the assets of the conservatee.
  6. Estate Management in Conservatorships in Los Angeles
  7. File a Petition for Conservatorship Accounting.

Establishing a conservatorship roadmap shows you what can be expected in the conservatorship court, as well as after a conservator is appointed is more important than the initial filing of the petition for conservatorship.   Our conservatorship attorney at our firm advises parties in Los Angeles Conservatorship law locally and on a state-wide basis.   At Sirkin Law Group, we give our clients the consultative education they need to navigate the conservatorship system in Los Angeles.   Learn more about conservatorships here.

How much are Conservatorship Fees in Los Angeles?

Conservatorship fees are paid in many ways.   Ask us about paying the conservatorship fees from the conservatee’s estate with a court order in Los Angeles.  We can help you get the conservatorship and defer our fees until the estate can pay us from its assets in some cases.

Look to us for guidance in Conservatorship Los Angeles with office locations in Los Angeles, Woodland Hills, Glendale & Pasadena.

What documents to take with you to a Conservatorship consultation?

Conservatee’s driver’s license

Conservatee’s Social Security Number or Card

Copies of deeds to the Conservatee’s real estate and home

Copies of recent bank statements of the conservatee

Copies of recent financial statements of the conservatee

If available, copies of recent tax returns of the conservatee

A complete list of names and addresses of family members to the second degree

A completed Conservatorship Intake form.

Advantages of Conservatorships in California

People often ask us if conservatorships have advantages over a power of attorney.  Yes, there are some advantages for conservatorships that do not exist for power of attorney documents.

  1. With conservatorships, you can limit the rights of the Conservatee.   So, if a person gives you a power of attorney and names you as his agent, he can still act and go to the bank and pull his money out.
  2. Conservatorships are controlled by a judge so they cannot be terminated without an order.   A power of attorney, on the other hand, is revocable by the principal, even if the principal is not acting in his own best interest.
  3. If you are in a grey divorce, your spouse as agent under a power of attorney can make lots of decisions for you which you may not necessarily agree with.  However, conservatorships limit the appointment of a divorcing spouse, even if an elderly divorce, in recognition of this advantage which a divorcing spouse may have under a power of attorney over an elderly.

Why does a proposed conservator need a consultation?

A proposed conservator needs a conservatorship consultation because there are many steps when you file a conservatorship petition and you can make lots of errors if you go about it without an attorney.   Contact us if you want to become a conservator in Los Angeles.

Call our conservatorship attorney now to consult with Mina Sirkin, Certified Specialist Attorney for a free conservatorship consultation in Los Angeles, Ca.  Email us here or call us to consult at 818.340.4479.

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