Testimonials by Clients:

Mina Sirkin and the entire Sirkin Law Group have been a blessing to me and my family. During the last two years, she has helped us navigate through all the murky waters of legal jargon and the emotionally overwhelming legal process itself, as she assisted in battling for my children’s financial future against power mongering relatives. Also, her entire support staff was always knowledgeable and courteous, whenever I had a quick question or concern. She is a smart and savvy lady, who fights for you wholeheartedly and intelligently. I can enthusiastically recommend Mina, not only for her heart of gold, but for her tough as nails courtroom persona, as well!

Tammy A., North Hollywood, CA. June 2015


Having Sirkin Law Group as our estate attorneys has proven to be the best decision ever made. They are extremely knowledgeable in all facets of estate planning: drafting and completing your Revocable Living Trust, Will, Powers of Attorney for Health care; Power of Attorney for Financial/Asset management; and more. Both the attorneys and supporting staff are very much accessible (phone, email, fax, etc.) to answer your concerns or questions and accommodate multiple parties via conference calls, as well.
Attorney Mina Sirkin (board certified specialist in Estate Planning Probate, Trust Law) has assisted our family most professionally with her adept and comprehensive knowledge, experience, and exemplary standards of practice which qualities were exhibited throughout the handling of our two, separate and complex family decedent trust cases, where I was the named and acting Trustee. EXAMPLE: With Mina Sirkin’s legal assistance and advices, I completed the requisite F.D.I.C. protocols for purposes of participating in an interview led by F.D.I.C. Claims Division, due to the July 2008 bank closure of Indymac Bank. The result of this endeavor was extremely favorable, and as Trustee, I successfully recovered ALL proceeds from F.D.I.C. deposited at Indymac Bank for the benefit of the Trust.
Sirkin Law Group’s services also include linkage of viable outside resources to assist her clientele. The perfect Example is the Sirkin firm providing CPA referrals to assist in the preparation and completion of requisite Trust Accountings and requisite estate tax returns. As Trustee, I appreciated the CPA referral and subsequently retained a CPA, who professionally handled all complex tax issues and/or other related accounting matters–including the completion of accountings and estate tax returns. Thank you Ms. Sirkin for your referral, since our CPA is top-knotch and assisted me tremedously. In fact, to this day, even after the Trust closed, the trust beneficiaries have been able to appropriately carry-over a property sales loss (K-1 schedule) from the Trust for application in our individual income taxes pursuant to the applicable I.R.S. codes.
Rest assured, Sirkin Law Group is experienced and professional in every way. They are your ADVOCATES, and go the ‘extra mile’ for you! For about 20 years, my family and I have been extremely satisfied with all estate and legal services that the Sirkin Law Group has provided and continues to presently provide.

Carol F.,  La Verne, Ca, May 2015



I am a client of Ms. Mina Sirkin of Sirkin Law Group. She is one of the most caring, compassionate and professional attorneys that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. In our nearly impossible situation, Mina still seems to land on top of things.

We still have hope and that is because of Mina Sirkin and all of her knowledge. Mina has gone beyond the call of duty. She has Always done more than her share. She has always done more than expected.

In my particular situation, going to court having seven attorneys standing before a judge, none of them come close to capabilities, poise, knowledge or class of Mina Sirkin. If you want an attorney that will fight and stand up for you in a court of law then Mina Sirkin of Sirkin Law Group is that attorney!! She is Outstanding!!!!

There is one thing that I have learned from all of the litigation and court battles I have endured over the past 11 months. When it is all said and done in any matter, it is up to the Court/Judge.

I am very Satisfied with her performance. She has gone out of her way for our family. No matter how my case turns out, I will be forever grateful to Mina Sirkin. She is Awesome!!!!
All I can say is that god was watching over me when I found Mina Sirkin. She truly is amazing and I thank god for that.

Roberta S., Kingman, AZ (March 2015)

4.8/5 (4 Reviews)