Trust & Probate Mediation for Families in Los Angeles: Family Dispute Resolution Conservatorship Litigation in Los Angeles

A large number of cases involving families and the elderly involve varying degrees of dispute or conservatorship litigation in Los Angeles, most of which get resolved or settled in alternative dispute resolution (ADR) or elder protection mediation. In order to know whether or not to litigate the facts of a conservatorship, you should evaluate the circumstances around conservatorship litigation or disputes by determining the necessary facts, economics and priorities in conservatorship appointment in Los Angeles, which can be emotionally and financially challenging. Matters which come to the Los Angeles conservatorships court often involve family fights, a cognitively challenged person, usually a senior, or someone who has been financially abused or physically neglected. The goal of a conservatorship attorney is to implement strategies for the preservation of the disabled person and his money.

How does a family dispute resolution work? People whose age and disability becomes the subject matter of a conservatorship fight, often do not want to be conserved, getting focused on not wanting to leave their home as opposed to a refusal of protection. As among children involved in conservatorships litigation or competing conservatorships, most of the fighting is about the care of elderly parents. Anything from the care to who will live with the parent, to visitation becomes fair game in conservatorships lawsuits. Some cases revolve around who will be the IHSS caregiver for the elderly parent. A good conservatorship mediator can help resolve most conservatorship dispute related matters.

If you have ever had a sibling dispute or any quarrel about the conservatorship or protection of your parent, you can be sure that it will manifest in a dispute involving your parent, at your parent’s age. Discuss conservatorships with your parents before it is too late and while they can make their own choices regarding who should be a conservator. Help prevent conservatorship abuse by carefully watching the conservatee and the conservatorship accounting.

When you have a family dispute or need a conservatorship attorney, call us for preventative care and in conservatorship litigation Los Angeles and in conservatorship dispute resolution. We have ten probate judges in the Los Angeles Superior Court’s Central Court. Mediation gives you predictability where the court’s do not. We can help your parents avoid conservatorship, and defend a case including conservatorship litigation in Los Angeles. Call Mina Sirkin for conservatorships litigation at 818.340.4479 or Email us: [email protected].

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