Court Appointed Attorney Report – Los Angeles CAC Attorney Report Sample

When you are training to become a Court Appointed Attorney in Los Angeles, there are some basic things you need in your tool belt. Below you will find a sample of a CAC Report upon request.

Court Appointed Attorney Report

Enter your name and email address to request the sample CAC Report – Los Angeles Court Appointed Attorney Report and Checklist here. We will email it to you in Word format.

To start with a report of the CAC lawyer (formerly PVP), be sure to have all of your meeting notes with your client. Once the court has appointed you as an attorney, can take a draft of the report skeleton to your meeting to trigger questions to ask in preparation of the report of the court-appointed attorney. Los Angeles CAC attorney report sample.

Talk to us about probate estates and conservatorships in Los Angeles. Mina Sirkin has been a court appointed attorney or CAC attorney in probate, trust and conservatorships in Los Angeles since 1992 who handles many elder abuse cases in Los Angeles. The report sample was part of a training class material provided by Ms. Sirkin as a speaker at the Los Angeles County Court’s CAC –Court Appointed Attorney Training training seminar in 2019.

Court Appointed Attorney CAC Report
Court Appointed Attorney CAC
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