Estate Planning for Seniors: Differences In Elder Law Estate Planning & Conservatorship

When you are dealing with elder law estate planning issues involving care for your senior parent, your focus is on the day-to-day events rather than estate planning elder law or conservatorship. The job of an elder law attorney is to give you guidance about many different aspects of elder care and elder law. Our skilled elder law attorneys at the Los Angeles Law Offices of Sirkin Law Group, PC can explain the differences between estate and elder law planning and conservatorship and provide the guidance you need to tend to your parent. We can in many cases help avoid a conservatorship in Los Angeles with skilled preplanning.

First: Elder law planning is much broader than a conservatorship.

Second: Elder law planning can include representation of a competent person, generally an elder who wants to protect himself or herself. Often the process starts by a child who encourages his or her parent to retain an attorney. A Conservatorship is generally restrictive and pertains to a person who has become incompetent and cannot protect himself or herself.

Here is a list of examples of items to discuss with an estate planning lawyer when you will need an elder law attorney:

  • Finding the right choice of caregivers;
  • Making sure you comply with employment laws when you hire caregivers.
  • Consultation regarding the types of housing available for the elder population.
  • Qualifying elders for Medi-Cal benefits, and determining if Veteran’s benefits will apply to your parent.
  • Estate planning for persons who have dementia or Alzheimer’s disease or Parkinson’s disease.
  • Preventative care by use of estate planning to avoid a conservatorship.
  • When an elder is subject to undue influence, to discuss conservatorship planning to prevent the elder from giving away their assets to persons who take advantage of the senior.
  • Recovery of elder’s assets from family members or abusive caregivers.

How can the elder law attorneys at Sirkin Law Group help you and your parents with various types of benefits and conservatorship in Los Angeles?

The estate attorneys and lawyers at Sirkin Law Group can guide you in planning and obtaining financial resources to care for your elderly loved one or parent. Financial resources can include government benefits through Medicare, Medi-Cal/ Medicaid, Veterans benefits, IHSS, and Long Term Care insurance. If you have a loved one who has paid for long term care insurance and has not been successful at collecting anything from that insurance, please contact our esteemed counsel in elder law in Los Angeles for help.

Talk to us about when you are ready to plan for elder law by calling our attorney, Mina Sirkin, Los Angeles Elder law attorney at 818.340.4479.

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