Elder Law Woodland Hills

Elder Law Woodland Hills Ca: Caring for your family at different stages of life is the largest part of the practice of Elder Law As Woodland Hills Elder Law attorneys, we often counsel clients in a multi-disciplinary legal areas. You may request probate help from our counsel at 818.340.4479. Our Woodland Hills practice of elder law includes all of the following areas of law:

Estate Planning (Wills and Trusts): Our Elder Law & Estate Planning practice focus of preparing a plan of action for management of assets during incapacity and for distribution of the assets at death for residents in Woodland Hills.

Preparation of Power of Attorney Documents: Power of attorney documents are created as means to assist in decision by appointing an agent to make decisions for the principal.

Preparation of Advance Heath Care Directives: When it is time for making health care decisions, this document serves as a statement of your authority to allow someone else to make health care decisions for you when you are no longer able to do so yourself.

Trust Administration: After a person dies (of even when he/she is incapacitated), the assets in a trust need to be managed and then distributed upon death. This process is called trust administration.

Probate Administration: When there is no trust, or when a trust is not funded, this court process allows for distribution of assets at death and admission of the will in court.   Our lawyers assist beneficiaries and fiduciaries with probate.

Conservatorships & Elder Law: Conservatorships are protective proceedings where an adult requests powers from the court to care for another adult.  A Los Angeles Conservatorship is a complex process that requires expert advice.

Medi-Cal Planning and Asset Protection: We assist clients in obtaining Medi-Cal benefits and create strategies for asset protection for our clients to retain their most valued possessions.

Guardian Ad Litem:  Many times, an incapacitated person who is also elderly has rights to claims in lawsuits.  Our Guardian Ad Litem can help protect the disabled in lawsuits.

Financial Elder Abuse Law: We help recover assets of elderly in probate and civil court where the assets have been taken by another person, or used for a wrongful purpose.   Financial abuse of elders is also often litigated in estates and wills contests.

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