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Certain aging issues come up that has the legal experts in the community baffled by what to do when it comes to the law affecting seniors. The range of expertise needed to manage the care of a parent is very broad, especially when you are dealing with Alzheimer’s care in California. As for Aging in Los Angeles, here is a sample of how many different areas of laws can be impacted by aging:

  1. Health Care law: Who will take care of your aging parents and make medical decisions for them according to law? Who will audit their medical bills? Which aging expert do you need to hire to help you? Who will communicate with Medicare or Social Security and the method for those communications?
  2. Financial Health Issues: How will the care of your parents be paid for, and who will manage their finances and pay for their care? Is your parent exposed to elder abuse or unable to manage his or her own assets? Does your parent need a conservatorship? How will senior law affect your parent?
  3. Estate Law: Has the estate planning process been completed by your parent or loved ones? Proper estate planning can help avoid many of the above senior care issues and sometimes avoids a conservatorship.
  4. Housing Law: What types of housing are available to senior parents and what is an appropriate placement for each person.
  5. Privacy Laws: You and your parents are affected by the information you place on the internet. You may consider opting out of some sites and cookies to keep your data private. Your parents may need to be guided as to safe browsers and privacy options they may have when visiting web sites.
  6. Spousal Rights Law: When estate planning and inheritance rights are explained to children of seniors, we sometimes hear many questions about community property and separate property. We urge parents to guide their kids about senior laws at every instance.

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