Finding Your Way Around the Los Angeles Probate Court

The Probate Court in Los Angeles as of July 2020 has ten (10) probate departments which are spread out on two floors of the Stanley Mosk Los Angeles Superior Court located at 111 N. Hill Street, Los Angeles CA 90012. Before you go, you should review the probate case summary and your probate notes. See below.

Where are the Probate Departments located in the Los Angeles Central Court?

Find your probate department here:

Departments 4, 5, 9, 11, and 29 are located on the second floor of the Probate Court.

Departments 2D, 67, 79 and 99 are located on the sixth floor of the Stanley Mosk Los Angeles Superior Court.

In case you are looking for the Probate court’s address, the Central Probate Court is located at 111 N. Hill St., Los Angeles CA 90012. #Los #Angeles #Probate #court

What time should you be present for your Probate Hearing?

For an 8:30a probate hearing, you should be present about 10 minutes before the hearing time. If you arrive at the estate court or probate court after 8 a.m., you can expect long wait lines to get through security. Each entrance of the courthouse in the Central Court has long security lines early in the morning.

If you have a 10:00a motion or a 10:30a probate, trust or conservatorship hearing, you should arrive at least 5 minutes before the department door opens and check in with the clerk or judicial assistant. The Bailiff in the department will call for entry at the appropriate time.

Entrance on Hill Street is the most congested entrance at 8 a.m, followed by the entrance on First Street. The easiest entrance is through the Grand park area of the courthouse. The Grand Street entrance of the Stanley Mosk court is also a favorite for those who part in the Dorothy Chandler Music Center parking and walk over to the Court House.

How do I look up a Probate Case Summary in the Los Angeles Probate Court?

You should make yourself familiar with your case by looking up the case summary before you go to court to make sure your hearing is still on calendar. There are two sources to look up your case’s status:

Los Angeles Probate Case Summary

Los Angeles Probate Notes

Where should I file my probate supplement? Your probate supplement can be filed electronically via Greenfiling or any other efiling service in the Los Angeles Superior Probate Court. Electronic filing in Los Angeles Probate Court has been making lives of probate attorneys and self-represented probate litigants much easier and has been around since 2017.

You can look up your case on the above links by having your Los Angeles County Court case number at hand. Print your probate notes to get more information about what the court may need from you or the filing party.

If you need guidance about probate notes in Los Angeles or wish to discuss efiling your documents in the the Los Angeles Probate Court, call us about a free consultation. Call Mina Sirkin at 818.340.4479. We have experts in probate practice with expertise since 1992. Email us: [email protected]

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