How to appear in Probate Court by Video Conference

Los Angeles Probate Court started a very convenient feature allowing people to appear in Court by Video Conference through a conferencing portal for which we have posted the instructions below:

Instructions on appearing by Video Conference in Los Angeles Court:

Before you sign up: Have your case number handy, and the department number. Check your Notice of Hearing for that information. If you do not have the court case number, search for it and you can locate it by name here.

How to sign up for your court hearing:

Go to

LaCourtConnect is not Zoom but it operates similar to Zoom. Select your case type: For example, if you have a probate case, touch probate on the blue pad.

When you sign up, LaCourtConnect will send you an email confirmation.

The first time you sign up, you will have to confirm your signup by clicking on the first email it sends you. Once you have signed up, then scheduling is done by logging in and selecting schedule a hearing.

How much does it cost to appear in probate Court by remote conference?

If you want video conference ability, the cost is currently $23 per hearing time. Even if you have two matters in the same time, there is only one charge. However, if you have a case and it has two different calendar times, you will be charged twice and have to make sure you have arranged for it. Appearing by telephone is $15.

What is more reliable in court appearance technology?

Not to anyone’s surprise, the old fashioned landlines are the most reliable tools for appearing in Court. Probate Judges are familiar with technical issues and are flexible with video conference technology problems that arise during hearings.

How to get access to the Court appearance link?

Once you have scheduled your appearance by date, LaCourtConnect will send you an email that will contain the link to your appearance and the telephone number to call in to the Court.

Problems to anticipate and how to solve them:

You may get dropped off from the call or video. Dial back in. Be sure to have the Courtroom or department’s telephone number in case you need to let the Court Clerk know you were dropped off. You can get a list of courtrooms, location and departments and their telephone numbers here.

Do you need probate representation?

If you are a trustee, executor, conservator or guardian, you will need representation in Court. Call Mina Sirkin for an appointment to discuss your probate or trust case. 818.340.4479

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