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Questions by families who want to consult with our lawyers about living trusts and estate planning are fairly common in Los Angeles California. Most people tend to ignore estate planning and fail to consult living trust attorneys until someone is ill or just before they start to travel. Humans are optimists by nature.

Preparing for the protection of your family, your children, and your loved ones in Los Angeles is the primary goal of a free living trust meeting. Another way a living trust promotes peace of mind is to provide for a way for you to be protected in the event of your incapacity. Assets that are properly titled in a trust are governed by the terms of the trust and handled by a successor trustee selected by you to care for and to manage those assets. Call us to discuss a free estate planning consultation in Los Angeles, in Woodland Hills and in the San Fernando Valley. We have served as trust lawyers in Los Angeles County for 30 years.

One of the main questions we get when we are preparing an estate plan is will my estate always pass to my heirs without court? In most cases, yes. However, where there is a living trust contest, or where the trust is not fully funded, it does not avoid the court. Other times when a trust may through the court system may be as follows: a) For a determination of ambiguous terms; 2) replacement of a trustee; 3) Filing a vacancy in the position of the trustee; 4) If there is a breach of trust; 5) questions about the competency of the person who signed it, and 6) for various other reasons. A free estate planning session can help you talk to our trust lawyers who can assess the facts of your trust case.

Our living trust law office prepares living trusts for individuals and couples who prefer the privacy of the trust without the need for court. There are certain short procedures in the Los Angeles Probate Court that are used to fund the trust after death under certain facts. A Heggstad Petition is a good example of how our lawyers can bring the assets back into the living trusts after death.

Your trust is best prepared when you have gathered all the information about your assets to your trust consultation, so we can discuss your estate and financial plan with you. Without knowing the list of your assets, living trusts lawyers would be blindly planning for the distribution of your trusts assets.

This is where living trust information becomes most important in the process of planning. You need to know the specifics of your assets and your estate to be able to accurately determine taxes, distributions and potential glitches in what you wish to distribute. Call the San Fernando Living Trust lawyers of Sirkin Law Group. We offer in-person, and virtual living trusts appointment by Zoom and FaceTime Call us here at 818-340-4479 for free information about living trusts in Los Angeles.

For example, you may have named someone as a pay-on-death beneficiary, but also state in your trust that you want to give that account to another person. This creates a conflict. When you review your living trust asset list, you will be able to handle inconsistencies and resolve them before they become problems for your successor trustee.

Los Angeles Living Trusts are our expertise. To reserve your time with us for a free living trust consultation, call 818-340-4479. We offer a free living trust consultation with lawyers with more than 27 years of living trust experience. Email us here to talk to us or to set a free living trust appointment: [email protected].

Free Living Trust Consultation Los Angeles
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