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When you plan on getting a living trust attorney to prepare your estate plan in Los Angeles, your focus should be to gather the correct information to give to your LA Trusts lawyer to enable him or her to effectively serve your goals.

Identifying living trust goals is our primary concern when we meet with our clients. The estate planning process is by our client asking us questions about the living trust, and our attorney answering the living trust questions. Once the living goals are established, we thoroughly discuss the trust tools and estate planning strategies that match the goals of our clients.

Depending on your trust objectives, the trust plan can range from a simple living trust to a sophisticated estate plan with multiple entities and different stages of creation and funding, which can be discussed with your living trust attorney Los Angeles County. People sometimes come to our consulting attorney to discuss a living trust after a spouse has become incompetent. Our approach is to identify the objective of the well-spouse and to discuss the methods available to achieve the plan. At times, our plan involves the preservation of joint tenancy of some of the assets, and other times, we talk about the longevity of each spouse and what would happen if you combine a living trust with a conservatorship for the ill-spouse. There are half a dozen ideas, such as a Probate Code 3100 Petition that may work into the trusts attorney’s discussion of the options available.

Promoting a discussion of the primary goals of a couple who seek living trust services in Los Angeles is a natural part of the living trust process for our living trusts lawyer. We advise you not to wait until it is too late. Your interests in a trust are best served with you are healthy and can make competent decisions with the help of our living trusts attorney Los Angeles.

Use our reputation to your advantage in getting your estate plan done. Here are a few things that help start the conversation with your spouse:

  1. What would you like me to do for you if you were in a coma?
  2. Who should handle our assets after we die?
  3. Where are our estate planning documents going to be kept?
  4. Should we give a copy of our living trust to our children?
  5. Should we have our children act as co-trustees?
  6. What assets should NOT be part of our living trust?
  7. How do we transfer our home or other assets to our living trust?

Come to our meeting or set up a video conference appointment to discuss all of your options. We offer our attorney’s living trust services in all of Los Angeles County. 2021 is the 28th year anniversary of our living trust attorney serving as living trust attorney Los Angeles County. Call for your free consultation at 818.340.4479 or email us at Sirkin Law at the following email address: [email protected]. Use our free consultation link to set a call appointment here: Appointments.

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