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Is there a type of lawyer for help with a Los Angeles Conservator dispute or to represent a conservator? Los Angeles Courts often refer to private Conservators or to the Public Conservator (called a Public Guardian) in Los Angeles County, and the reasons why a Successor Conservator Los Angeles may sometimes be needed. The Los Angeles County Conservator is a type of conservator for an individual in California without a family or private conservator (private professional conservator or private professional fiduciary). There are sometimes where family exists, but a family member is not suitable as a conservator.

How do the services of the Los Angeles County Conservator differ from a private professional conservator?

Generally, the services of a legal conservator in Los Angeles California are used for the benefit individuals who are incapable of handling their own physical or legal affairs. How do the services of the Los Angeles County Conservator [Public Guaridan] differ from a private professional conservator? The Public Guardian also called the Los Angeles County Public Guardian or Public Conservator which gives the very basic services a person may need. A private professional conservator on the other hand, can offer a variety of services to a conserved person. Legal rights and priorities of the parties under Conservatorship Law also determine if a Public Conservator/Guardian will have priority over other persons.

In California, a Public Guardian cannot sell a person’s property other than by an auction. They contract with one real property auctioneer and do not use a variety of channels to market the property of the conservatee. The Public Conservator also cannot sell the property of the disabled person on terms other than cash as is. For example, the Pubic Guardian cannot arrange for instalment sales or sales with paper taken back by the seller.

When are the services of the Public Conservator and Public Guardian used?

Using the Los Angeles Public Guardian: The Probate Court usually refers the matter to the Public Guardian, when a subject person has not designated an agent under a power of attorney, or when family members will not step forward to conserve the individual. Also, Adult Protective Service, hospitals or health care facilities refer to the Public Guardian/Conservator. In Los Angeles County, Adult Protective Services and Banks also often refer matters to the Public Guardian or Professional Fiduciaries when they suspect that an elderly or disabled person may be subject to possible financial elder abuse by another person.

When to use service of a non-public conservator in Los Angeles?

If a person needs quick care or extensive hand-on care, the Public Conservator in Los Angeles County is not often the best choice, and a private or non-public conservator or guardian usually brings the best results. Many people do not want the government involved in their lives and object to the Public Guardian. If a person has some means and would like to live nicely, they generally opt for a private guardian/conservator in Los Angeles.

Where to find non-public guardians and conservators?

The question of appointing a legal conservator is always complicated by the dynamics of your family. You should contact us as conservator lawyers to assist you with the problem of choosing a conservator or if you are involved in a case with the Public Guardian in Los Angeles. Ask us about the #los #angeles #public #guardian. Call Mina Sirkin, Conservator attorney at 818.340.4479 for selection of professional fiduciary conservator assistance. Email us at: [email protected]. #legal #conservator #losangeles #conservator


A. There are competing petitions pending in the Court.

B. A family member is already a conservator by is overwhelmed by the process.

C. You are trying to resolve the issues among the family members and need a neutral person.

D. The current conservator has become unable to act, or wants to resign.

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