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Probate in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Probate Attorneys at Sirkin Law Group, PC are here to assist you in times of despair and anxiety after loss of a loved one.  When there is a loss in the family, estate disputes appear to be the focus of family disagreements among family members.

Once you are involved in litigation relating to probate, it is important to have experienced counsel to advise you of the nuances of probate and trust law. With over 27+ years of experience, we are at the top level of experience in probate and trust law in Los Angeles. Our Board Certified Specialist, Mina Sirkin, handles all probate litigation matters in our Los Angeles office. She can be reached at 818.340.4479 or 323.834.9444, and by email.

Probate can be handled efficiently with proper estate planning. Estates can be distributed and worries of beneficiaries will dissipate once there is a plan for distribution.

At Sirkin Law Group, PC, our expert and trusted counsel will provide timely legal advice regarding probate administration matters.

Many times, our probate lawyers are asked if a will is legal. Whether or not there is a legal will or trust depends on the authenticity of the will, as well as the timing of the admission of the will into probate.


Over the last 27 years, our law firm has handled countless varieties of probate proceedings. From missing heirs in probate to persons who have been cheated out of their inheritance, we can assist you in determining the simplest way to manage your probate case. We provide assistance in case management, as well as probate litigation. Having an idea as to the probate process and timelines, gives you control over the management of your case.  Implementing a probate case requires probate information and estate facts which our probate specialist can obtain from various sources.

Probate costs are generally based on probate statutory fees, and where there are litigated matters or other types of complexities, the Probate Court may award extraordinary fees (hourly rates) to counsel and the executor or administrator. Ask us about the details of our representative fees by calling us for a consultation. 818.340.4479.


Our respected probate counsel can provide legal advice regarding estates, probate and property. Probate property generally has a definition.   Call our Los Angeles probate expert at 818.340.4479. By the same virtue, many assets are not probate assets. Our estate planning attorney can give you the appropriate method of distribution for each asset of the decedent.


Hiring a probate specialist can ease your worries in any Los Angeles Probate case. Many times, the areas of Probate, Trusts, Conservatorships and Guardianships intersect. For example, there are times when a power of attorney or actions of a person under a power of attorney are challenged. Other times, a person who is entitled to receive the inheritance, is either incapacitated or a minor who needs a guardianship. Call us to determine the best way to distribute property and assets in probate and trust matters.

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