Probate Court Notes in the Los Angeles Probate Court

Probate Court Notes Los Angeles

How do I clear my probate notes in Los Angeles?

The Los Angeles Probate Court has attorneys and probate examiners who review your probate petition, probate objections and pose questions, request information of the filers regarding the probate petition or other probate forms.  Probate notes are comments and questions by the probate attorneys of the court and probate examiners. Probate notes are not bad, nor good.  Notes must be answered for your case to move forward.   There is a process to clear probate notes in Los Angeles and that process can take some time, depending on the contents of the notes.

What is a Probate Supplement?

A supplement is a pleading paper verified under California law which includes additional information that the court has requested of you or of your opposing party referenced in the probate notes of the Los Angeles Superior Court notes.   Judges are very generous and give lots of time to probate litigators and people representing themselves to file supplements.   These are normal procedures in probate.   After three hearings, if you have not filed the right supplement, the probate judge may feel frustrated and may dismiss your case.

Probate notes have abbreviations known to lawyers who regularly practice probate.  There are also some common notes that the Los Angeles Probate Court puts out to trust and estate litigators to get the case to comply with notice purpose.  Notice is a big deal in probate and each judge wants to make sure that all persons entitled to notice actually get the notice.

If you have had trouble clearing your probate notes or probate note, you can rest assured that the lawyers at Sirkin Law Group, P.C. can help you clear the note or notes and get you ready for court.  With probate experience since 1992, we know the Probate Code, probate attorneys and what is commonly requested by judges and probate examiners. 

How to get help from us if you are an attorney but do not practice probate?

If you are involved in a probate matter and have probate notes that need to be cleared but are not familiar with probate, we can help you clear the notes.  Call Mina Sirkin at 818.340.4479 for a free consultation.

Attorneys and Probate Paralegals to clear Probate Notes in Los Angeles

Probate judges read the notes shortly before the hearing.  Sometimes, the probate court does not put out the notes until two days before the hearing, making it difficult to clear them in time for the hearing.  This delays your case.   Don’t get frustrated. We can help.

All too often we see good, well-intentioned people in probate court being asked by probate judges whether they have seen the probate notes, only to find out that the litigant does not know what they are.  The result? Their case gets continued, delayed, and the individual leaves frustrated. It does not have to be that way.  

What is a Probate Note?

You should remember a Probate Note is the judge’s question to the litigant prepared by the court’s attorney assisting the probate judge. Probate Notes are your guide to what the probate judge is thinking about your case. Pay close attention to the probate notes by the court to expedite your case.

How to check to see if you have Probate Notes to Clear?

Go to this link at the Los Angeles Probate Court called probate notes and put in your case number.  Be sure you check before you file your supplement, and also after.

Check for Updated Probate Notes Regularly

Within ten days before your hearing, you should each day check your notes. The Los Angeles Court requires that you clear your notes by supplementing your case at least three days before the court to avoid delays.   Attorney help is available to check the probate notes and clear them at Sirkin Law Group, P.C. Always check the Los Angeles Superior Court Probate Notes first before you do anything to clear the probate notes.

What happens if you cannot get your probate notes cleared on a timely basis? – Updated 2020

As of 2020, you now have limited options on how to continue a probate hearing in Los Angeles:

1. Electronically file a local form, pay $20, and ask for a continuance for a month. Local Form: LASC PRO 080 must be filed at least 5 court days before the scheduled hearing and the court will continue your hearing for 30 days. The court’s instructions tell us that the minimum continuance period is 30 days. OR
2. Appear and ask for a continuance. OR
3. File an Ex Parte Application and ask for a different continuance date.

Are the Los Angeles Probate notes tricky?

Notes can be abbreviated and can appear tricky, but they are actually simple when you are familiar with the process.   We assist beneficiaries and heirs of estates in Los Angeles in avoiding court delays and frustrations with the language used by probate attorneys and examiners in the notes.

Get help clearing probate notes:

At Sirkin Law Group, P.C. we routinely clear notes and guide other attorneys in getting through the estate note process.  Call us for advice about notes.   We have a procedure for helping to get them cleared.   You must talk to our Los Angeles lawyer and schedule a consultation appointment for cases that require you to clear probate notes.  818.340.4479 and Email: [email protected].

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