Attorney for Conservatorship of a Disabled Child and Conservatorship for Disabled Parent in the San Fernando Valley

When handling the legal and personal affairs or the Conservatorship of a disabled child or a disabled parent conservatorship, you can look to our San Fernando Valley law firm to handle all of your conservatorship needs to get you a court order to handle the affairs of your loved ones who lack capacity.  We not only set up the conservatorship Los Angeles but identify all issues pertaining to getting public benefits for disabled persons for conservatorships in Los Angeles County.  What you can expect from our law office is guidance for conservators who are either parents or children of the disabled person.   Getting a conservatorship is a routine part of our practice which has been established for over 26 years in the San Fernando Valley.

When you set an appointment to see us, we will have already communicated with you regarding the process and you will know exactly what to bring with you to the free conservatorship consultation appointment.   We offer different services for elder conservatorships and for younger adult conservatorships.   Limited conservatorships are designed for younger adults whose parents need to take care of them, and those who are clients of the Regional Center.   If you are a resident of the Valley, you should bring with you the name and phone number of the North Valley Regional Center caseworker who is handling your case, so we can communicate with them.

How do you get a conservatorship in Los Angeles?

First, does the person you seek to conserve meet the qualifications?  Is the disabled child or parent able to provide for their own medication, food and shelter?  Is he or she capable of managing their own finances without being taken advantage of by someone else?  Have you been advised by a doctor or the Regional Center that you should look into a conservatorship?   We can help.

When you are seeking an Attorney for Conservatorship of a Disabled Child and Conservatorship for Disabled Parent in the San Fernando Valley, look to our experts.   As members of the San Fernando Valley’s Bar Association, we have handled conservatorship cases, including conservatorship litigation, contested conservatorship and simple conservatorships in an area near you.   Mina Sirkin is a member of the CAC attorneys group appointed by the court with special training in Los Angeles conservatorships.

Our commitment to our clients:

  1.  We return your call the same day.  You can always make a 30-minute conservatorship call appointment with us to talk about your case if you need an adult child conservatorship or an older parent conservatorship.
  2.  We handle your matter as if it is our own family’s case.
  3.  We respect your family’s dynamics and ask about your special conservatorship situation.
  4.  Our conservatorship fees are reasonable and disclosed upfront.
  5.  Our Board Certified Specialist evaluates you conservatorship problems and offers you the best solutions possible.

Common Conservatorship terminology and their meanings:

The Conservator is the person who takes care of the disabled person.

The disabled person is called a conservatee.

A PVP attorney is an attorney that the court appoints for the conservatee.

Conservatorship costs are put in our fee agreement with you so you know what costs have to be paid to the court at the time of filing.

A Capacity Declaration is a conservatorship court form that has to be completed by a doctor who has examined the disabled child or elder.

What types of things does a conservator arrange?

A conservator arranges for food, medication, safety, housing, leisure, entertainment, money management, asset protection, financial investments, medical appointments and transportation of the conservatee.  Does the conservator have to do those things himself? No, he can hire someone to assist with the case of the conservatee.   Does the conservator use his own money to do the above?  No, the conservator uses the money of the conservatee to pay for things.   Advice from an Attorney for Conservatorship of a Disabled Child and Conservatorship for Disabled Parent in the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles superbly important to the success of your case.

Who usually retains us to help with conservatorships?

Parents and children are our most frequent clients in conservatorship cases.  If you need an adult child conservatorship or a parent who needs a conservator, we are the right attorneys for your case. We also represent spouses, domestic partners, professional conservators called professional fiduciaries and other family members or friends who want to get help for a disabled person.   Our expertise in conservatorship lets us guide you to get public help for your family member.   At times, clients retain our lawyer to handle matters that are mixes of trusts and conservatorships.  There are times when a case may be more appropriate for the Public Guardian.  We can tell you when that is the case.

How are attorneys fees paid in a conservatorship?  Generally, an attorney requests a retainer from the person who wants to file.  There are times where the attorney agrees to be paid privately, and other times when the attorney agrees to be paid from the conservatorship estate.   Ask us about what is appropriate re costs of conservatorships in LA County.

If you have a health care crisis in the family or need to get urgent help for a disabled adult child or parent who needs someone to make decisions for them, call Sirkin Law Group, P.C., and talk to Mina Sirkin about your special situation.  Call 818.340.4479 or email us: [email protected].

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