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As years go by, the practice of law has become very specialized, especially when it comes to estate planning in Los Angeles. Gone are the days where an attorney was a general practitioner handling multiple unrelated areas of law.

A tremendous amount of work goes into becoming a specialist in the area of estate planning. Not only does an attorney pass a secondary specialization bar exam, there are rigorous qualification requirements to obtain the specialist designation.

What can you expect from your specialist?

You should be able to expect that your attorney will dedicate time to you case and be able to solve complex issues involving your will, estate and trust. There are nuances of law that are known to those who practice this area on a regular basis.

Knowledge of the judges in the probate court is one of those things that is important, not just in probate, but in determination of how your estate many be interpreted in the future, in the event of a family dispute.

Some of the interesting aspects of estate planning go back many years. In the old days, trusts were created in a will. These were called testamentary trusts. Most young lawyers do not know how to handle testamentary trusts, or to create one where the language of a handwritten will might lend itself to a trust interpretation.

Calling a specialist is important. You can count on us for advice in estate planning and trust law. We are here to help you and your family in difficult times.

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