Resolving Conservatorship Problems in Los Angeles

Many times conservatorship problems mask the real or underlying issues that face parents and their children when it comes to elderly parents in Los Angeles. At times, a child believes that he is best suited to care for the parent. Siblings don’t always see “care” in the same way.

Gender differences create different perceptions of what “care” is and the type of care that the parent should be provided. Some of the greatest challenges come from different points of view. Here are some common issues:

  1. Does mom or dad need to go into a care facility?
  2. If yes, what type of care facility is appropriate?
  3. If not, what are the resources that are needed to care for the parents in their own home?
  4. What happens when one spouse dies? Does the survivor continue to stay at home?
  5. Recall that when one spouse dies, there will no longer be two social security checks. The surviving spouse generally gets the higher of the two social security checks. Therefore, a reduction in income should be anticipated when planning for care.

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