Getting your probate notes cleared in Los Angeles

Do you need to clear your probate notes in Los Angeles? This article discusses how to get your probate notes and how to clear them. With over 27 years of experience, our probate attorneys look forward to meeting clients and help our clients clear their probate notes in all areas near Los Angeles. The following information about Los Angeles Probate Notes can assist you in getting the information you need to handle your probate notes:

What are Probate Notes in Los Angeles?

The Los Angeles Superior Court Probate Departments have probate attorneys who review all pleadings filed by attorneys and pro per or unrepresented or self-represented persons who file them in court. Probate Attorneys of the Court tell the Judge what to look for in your papers, and pose questions about the contents of the papers.

What does the phrase “Clear Probate Notes” mean?

If you are represented by an attorney, your attorney will answer the questions posed by the Court’s probate attorney (also sometimes a Probate Examiner). If you are unrepresented, you must first find the probate notes related to your case and any minute order which refers to the questions of the court. In most cases, you can find the Los Angeles Probate Notes here by searching by case number.

What if you don’t know the case number?

If you need to clear your probate notes, but do not know the case number, you must look at one of the court’s papers and locate it, or search the court’s index with the decedent’s name or the administrator/executor’s name to get the case number.

Why are Probate Notes Important in Los Angeles?

Probate notes are important in Los Angeles as judges in Los Angeles Probate Court have a high volume of cases, the probate notes often summarize the probate case for the probate judge.

When you respond to the probate notes, you are can often repeat your case story which will likely be read by the Court and all judges read the Probate Notes.

If you can’t find the probate notes, you need to know what happens if you don’t check the Probate Notes on a timely basis?

If you have had a hearing, your probate notes are up in one area of the court’s site called [Probate Notes] for that day. They are taken off the next day and are put in another part of the web site called Document Images, where the court lets you see the first page of the notes free, and if there are additional pages, you must then pay for them.

What happens if you cannot clear your probate notes?

Depending on your judge, the judge may give you additional time to clear them or deem them cleared, or may simply ignore them. What happens is up to the judge. How to get your probate notes cleared? If the Judge orders you to clear your notes, you must file a verified supplement to answer the notes. A Verified Supplement to a Probate Petition is a document signed under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of California, that gives the additional requested information to the court. You essentially vouch for its truth to the court.

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