What to do when you are in the Los Angeles Probate Court?

There are some important court tips repeated by probate judges to consider when you are in the Los Angeles Probate Court. Whether you are from Los Angeles or if you are from out-of-state, there are some nuances that you should know about when you have a case in the Los Angeles Probate Court system.

  1. You need to know which probate department you are going to ahead of time. Look at the paperwork you have received, such as the Notice of Hearing. The Notice of Hearing tells you where to do, when and place which is called the department number. Because there are ten probate departments in Los Angeles, you need to know which floor to go to. Here is a list of the Probate Departments and the floor of the Los Angeles Superior Court that contains them as of 10/27/2019. These are located in the Stanley Mosk Los Angeles Superior Court at 111 N. Hill St., Los Angeles CA 90012.

Los Angeles Probate Departments

See a complete list of probate judges here:

Department 2D: Sixth Floor (6th Floor): Judge Gus May

Department S09: Long Cause Probate is now in Long Beach as of Feb. 2024): Judge Ana Maria Luna

Department 4: Second Floor (2nd Floor): Judge Brenda Penny

Department 5: Second Floor (2nd Floor): Judge Jessica Uzcategui

Department 9: Second Floor (2nd Floor): Judge Ruben Garcia

Department 11: Second Floor (2nd Floor): Judge Jonathan Rosenthal

Department 29: Second Floor (2nd Floor): Judge Lee Bogdanoff

Department 62: Judge Stephanie C. Santoro

Department 67: Sixth Floor (6th Floor): Judge Daniel Juarez

Department 79: Sixth Floor (6th Floor): Judge Lynn Scuduto

Department 99: Commissioner Mark S. Priver

You need to know the name of your Probate Judge in Los Angeles. Probate judges sometimes rotate in Los Angeles. But if you know your case number, you can look up your probate notes here a couple of days before your probate hearing and get your probate judge’s name,

Here is the link to the probate notes where you can locate your judge’s name at the top of the notes: http://www.lacourt.org/ProbateNotes/ui/main.aspx

Get your case number from the Notice of Hearing or other court documents which you have received before you look up the probate notes above.

How to dress to the Los Angeles Probate Court departments?

Dress code is office attire in the probate departments. You should consider wearing a suit jacket. Judges evaluate the parties in many ways. The way you appear tells the judge many things about you.

How to talk to the Los Angeles Probate Judges?

You should address the probate judge as your honor. Be respectful and take turns when you speak. The best way to impress your judge is to be prepared. Review the paperwork and be prepared to answer questions by the judge. You must review the Probate Notes before you go to court. It is helpful if you print the probate notes and bring them to court with you.

What is a call number in probate court?

No, a call number is not the phone number. In front of each department door in the probate court, each morning, the Clerk of the Probate Judge posts the probate calendar. On the calendar next to the case name, there is a four-digit call number, which tells you the order in which the case will be called by the court. Usually, cases that have a call number in a 1000 call number are heard at 8:30a. The cases that start with a 3000 call number are heard at 10:00 am and cases that begin with a 4000 call number start at 10:30a.

When should you be present in the court-room in the Los Angeles Probate Departments?

You should arrive at least 30 minutes before your hearing calendar time to acclimate yourself with the area. Restrooms are available at each side of the second floor and sixth floor of the probate department floors. If you are going to be late, call the probate department judicial assistant before your hearing starts and let her or him know.

Where to park if you are going to the Los Angeles Probate Court?

Parking is not easy nor cheap near the Los Angeles Court. Arrive 1 hour before your hearing to get parking. The average price of parking within two blocks of the Court is between $17-$20. There is a parking lot on 1st Street at the corner of Hill Street which charges $18. There are also parking lots on Hill Street between 1st and 2nd Streets. More parking is available at Broadway just south of 2nd Street. Parking north of the Los Angeles Probate Court can be purchased at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels on Temple Street and Hill Street for $20.00. The Music Center on Grand also offers parking to visitors of the Stanley Mosk Court. You can also Uber/Lyft to the Courthouse from other places. There is a Metro Station directly across the Court if you prefer not to drive to the Court.

Phone Numbers to the Los Angeles Probate Departments:

Once you know your probate department’s number at the Stanley Mosk Court, you can find the phone numbers here.


Who to call when you need representation in the Probate Court:

Call Probate Attorney Mina Sirkin at 818.340.4479 or 800.300.9977. Email us at [email protected] for an appointment about probate in the Los Angeles County Court system. We offer online consultations the same day.

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