Where to file a Conservatorship Petition in California?

In this article, we discuss where to file a conservatorship petition in California. Our legal practice focuses on Los Angeles Conservatorship. Timing for a conservatorship and the place where you file the conservatorship can make or break your case. We guide our clients about where to file a conservatorship petition in California and particularly in Los Angeles.

The Court where you file a Petition for Conservatorship is generally in the County were the Conservatee resides. For example, a conservatorship is started with by a proposed conservator filing a petition in Los Angeles, if the Conservatee lives in Los Angeles County. The most popular location for filing a Conservatorship Petition in Los Angeles is the Stanley Mosk Courthouse. When filing a petition for conservatorship, pay attention to the “Have Gavel, Will Travel” program at the local courts.

The Court filing locator is a good tool to use when looking for the appropriate location to file a petition: Here is the link: http://www.lacourt.org/filinglocatornet/ui/filingsearch.aspx

Credit: Los Angeles Superior Court’s website

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