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When dealing with inheritance law complications, a California probate case can sometimes come to a halt when certain legal issues arise in Los Angeles. Unless a beneficiary takes positive action to protect a Los Angeles inheritance with an experience inheritance law attorney, the problems revolving around the estate or probate case may linger for many years in Los Angeles Superior probate court.

Here are some tips to consider in California inheritance law management:

  1. Has the estate executor or administrator posted the required bond? When the court orders a bond to be posted and the administrator fails to do so, Letters does not get issued, and the case goes into limbo.
  2. If the executor or administrator does not timely file an inventory, it delays the rest of the case, including the final distribution.
  3. When there is litigation against the decedent or against the estate itself, it delays the ultimate inheritance distribution of the case.

Probate Tips – California Probate Law:

Do not wait too long to ask questions.

Don’t take silence as an answer from an executor or administrator.

Don’t waive the accounting if you have unanswered questions.

Calendar all probate due dates.

Know what you can legally get and your deadlines to your inheritance claim in Los Angeles, California.

Find the California Inheritance laws in the California Probate Code.

Know what is the difference between testate succession and intestate succession in California. Testate succession is governed by a will. California’s Intestate succession law sets the hierarchy of who will legally inherit or who can claim an interest in an estate under California Probate laws.

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What are my inheritance rights in Los Angeles?

Make sure you know your inheritance rights and learn about inheritance law of California. Keep a tight calendar of all California probate law deadlines and the estate actions which the executor or administrator is required to take to make sure what you inherit is protected. Get a Los Angels inheritance law attorney to help you manage those deadlines and to hold the other lawyer and the executor to those deadlines. Hold executors and administrators accountable to those dates by going into court demanding answers, instructions or a formal accounting when necessary. To discuss your Los Angeles County inheritance with our skilled inheritance attorney in Los Angeles and Orange County, call Sirkin Law Group at 818.340.4479.

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