Limited Conservatorship Guide Los Angeles California

We presented a webinar on Zoom as a Limited Conservatorship Guide in Los Angeles California. You can get the Free California Limited Conservatorships Guide in PDF by a request below which answers the below questions. Here, we talk about general conservatorships, limited conservatorships and special needs conservatorships. Get help with a limited conservatorship for a special needs person here.

A limited conservatorship is also called a Developmentally Disabled Conservatorship in California. You can find such topics in the guide such as what you can expect in the conservatorship court in Los Angeles, a summary of the topics are listed below:


  1. What is a Limited Conservatorship?
  2. Purpose of Limited Conservatorships.
  3. What is a Capacity Declaration?
  4. What rights does the Conservatee maintain, if the Court does not curtail them?
  5. What are the prerequisites to a Limited Conservatorship?
  6. Who can become a limited conservator?
  7. Why is it called a Limited Conservatorship?
  8. When can you file a Limited Conservatorship Petition for a Developmentally Disabled Person in California?
  9. What types of Limited Conservatorship are there?
  10. Where must the Conservatorship Petition be filed?
  11. Powers that normally come with a Limited Conservatorship outside of the 7 powers?
  12. Emergency Medical Powers if Conservator is Appointed But No Specific Medical Power Given
  13. What are the seven powers commonly requested by a limited conservator of the person?
  14. How can you get the seven limited conservatorship powers?
  15. Powers of Limited Conservator of the Estate? Differences between General Conservatorships and Limited Conservatorships.
  16. How can I tell if my child needs a Limited Conservatorship?
  17. Are there available alternatives to a Limited Conservatorship?
  18. Pros and Cons of a Power of Attorney and Advance Health Care Directive
  19. Why are the limits on the Conservator’s powers?
  20. What happens at a Limited Conservatorship hearing?
  21. How long does it take to get a Limited Conservatorship?
  22. What are the costs and fees?
  23. Should I have a Limited Co-Conservator or a General Co-Conservator?
  24. Financial Issues
  25. If you don’t conserve your developmentally disabled individual, who can make medical decisions for him or her? 
  26. Things you cannot do without a specific court order
  27. Report of the Regional Center and Limited Conservatorships
  28. What happens after you file the Petition to Appoint a Limited Conservator?
  29. Can Limited Conservatorships get contested?
  30. Differences between a General Conservatorships and a Limited Conservatorships?
  31. Differences between a Mental Health Conservatorship (LPS) and a Limited Conservatorship: Don’t get them mixed up!
  32. No End of Life Powers
  33. What ends a Limited Conservatorship?
  34. Important Resources 
  35. We can file in every California County!

We can help you with special needs conservatorship, general conservatorships or limited conservatorship in Los Angeles. We understand and can help in all aspects of developmental disabilities and conservatorships in California. Ask us to discuss the court-appointed counsel’s role with you. We also handle contested Limited Conservatorships. Call attorney Mina Sirkin for all Limited Conservatorship questions and conservatorship court matters in Los Angeles. Call 818.340.4479. Get guidance today. [email protected].

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