LaCourtConnect comes to Los Angeles Probate: Los Angeles Superior Court Probate Announced Use of Video Appearance Technology as of 6-22-2020 Via LACourtConnect

News: Are you an attorney? The Los Angeles Superior Court Probate will attorney and parties to use video appearance technology as of June 22, 2020, via LACourtConnect for Los Angeles Probate hearings. This new change is expected to make remote appearances easier for probate attorneys and self-represented probate litigants. While remote appearances are not mandatory, they are intended to allow for social distancing and to clear the courtrooms of congestion previously felt by the LA Court. With ten probate departments in the Los Angeles Central Court, the use of courtroom technology was previously expected to occur within 18 months of 2020 but is now being implemented quickly as a result of the COVID-19 risks to the public.

Where should I go to make a video appearance for a hearing in the Los Angeles Probate Court?

If you are making a probate appearance, you sign up for LaCourtConnect probate video call at the below link:

Attorneys sign up at the left side column on the below blue link.

Parties and others sign up in the middle column and click the purple word Scheduling in the middle column after you have signed up on the below blue link.

The link is here.


Attorneys sign up for Court Video Conferencing in Probate

The Attorney Portal and LaCourtConnect signups are expected to be available to probate lawyers on June 7, 2020, but the appearances will actually start on June 22, 2020. Most probate attorneys see this as a positive change which will eliminate drive time and parking charges, allowing lawyers practicing in probate and estates to be more efficient with their time at probate firms. This will be a much-appreciated addition to as probate law firm technology in Los Angeles. Many of the California Conservators are also appearing via LaCourtConnect.

Are the video conferencing changes mandatory in LA Court?

Are there changes mandatory? Video and phone appearances which start on June 22, 2020 are not mandatory. The Court has indicated that they are voluntary. Attorneys are encouraged to agree on manner of trials, so if a trial is to go forward, both counsel must agree to a video probate trial.

The first phase of LaCourtConnect was offered to those having Mandatory Settlement Conferences. Other civil departments are phasing in after probate departments and I have posted the phases below. Below is the Court’s announcement to probate attorneys redacted for links.

Los Angeles Probate: Our probate law firm staff serve you in all of Los Angeles probate courtrooms. The attorneys at Sirkin Law Group, PC’s estate and probate law firm are enthusiastic about using LaCourtConnect in probate court to serve litigants by use of probate technology to enhance our probate practice for the benefit of our clients and their families. Talk to us about how our probate professionals strive to make technology benefit the heirs, executors, trustees, and fiduciaries. Call Mina Sirkin at 818.340.4479 or email us at [email protected].

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