Conservatorship Process Problems in Los Angeles California

There are many occasions when the conservatorship process in Los Angeles seems to be failing you or your elderly parents.  You must know in advance how the conservatorship timeline is set up so that you can move through the steps of the conservatorship easily.

When you are getting ready to establish a conservatorship for your elderly parents in Los Angeles, you should be mindful of a minefield of problems that can arise at the time of the conservatorship hearing.  Here is a list of some of those problems:

  • Lack of proper information on the petition;
  • Lack of proper notice to all that must receive a notice and the petition;
  • Capacity Declaration that is missing to incomplete, or improperly completed;
  • Failure to have the proposed conservator of the estate bonded;
  • Missing a court investigator’s report.

When you consult with our conservatorship attorney about Los Angeles matters, you can be assured that we will comb through the data to have all items ready at the time of the hearing.  Conservatorship paperwork is numerous in numbers and requires attention to each item.

Lets Start the Conservatorship Steps in Los Angeles

Begin with obtaining a worksheet from us that helps gathers all the information needed for a conservatorship.   Since there are many conservatorship forms in California, you will want to know exactly what information you will need to complete the forms.   Once you have all the data in place, then you can start the process of completing the conservatorship forms.   You should consider hiring a conservatorship attorney to help you with selecting the right forms.

File a Conservatorship Petition For Your Elderly Parents in Los Angeles California

When you are filing the conservatorship petition in California, note that the form is not super efficient and that there are places where you may not know the answer.   You are under the stress of caring for your parents. When you don’t know the answer or don’t know what form you will need, you need to get an attorney for conservatorship.  Los Angeles conservatorship judges are not very keen on giving more than three continuances to you so that you can complete your case.

Notice to Family Members in Conservatorships in Los Angeles

One of the most common errors people tend to make who file their own conservatorship petitions is that they miss the required notices to the family.  This is not an informal notice. It is a formal notice with a form and a copy of the conservatorship petition papers.  Failing to give notice to family members to the second degree, and to file the notice with the court, can get your conservatorship case derailed in court in LA County.

Getting the Capacity Declaration Completed

The Capacity Declaration is a form that lets the judge know that the person you seek to conserve, is actually incapacitated.   Be sure to have this form filed in court at least 4 days before the hearing.

What to expect at the first Conservatorship Hearing in Los Angeles?

At the first hearing, the court will review the probate notes, and if all matters are cleared, then the judge will ask for the recommendation of the PVP attorney.   Keep in good contact with the PVP attorney who has experience in conservatorships.

The Important Documents to Keep in a Conservatorship

The inventory and the Letters of Conservatorship are both important to keep.  But bank records, cancelled checks and all financial documents of the estate are mandatory for your accounting.

What to do after your are appointed as a conservator?

Keeping good records for the court

Keep excellent track of all income, expenses and assets of the conservatorship.  Get help with investments and get advice by a good consevatorship attorney.

Obtaining great counsel when you have a conservatorship case

When you seek conservatorship counsel and to  resolve conservatorship problems including litigation of conservatorships in Los Angeles County, call Sirkin Law Group, 818.340.4479. Email us: [email protected]

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