How to determine if your mother or father needs help

When do you know it is time to help your parent?

  1. Your parent has missed paying bills.
  2. The house is in bad shape and appears messy.
  3. There is no fresh food in the refrigerator.
  4. Your parent appears malnourished.
  5. Medication appears not to have been renewed.
  6. Other people are befriending your parent.
  7. Your parent has given away his/her money or has been a victim of a scam.

How to know when your elderly parents need help?

Getting help for elderly help comes in different flavors. There is part-time help, full-time help, informal help, and formal help. All of the above have different methods and require much thought before you act. When your parent can no longer care for his/her medical decisions, basic life arrangments, and finances, it is time to get help. All areas do not need to be affected before you seek help. There are groups of people who can help, such as lawyers for elderly, geriatric care managers, assisted living facility staff member, as well as physicians and psychologists.

What to do when elderly parents refuse help?

Getting a geriatric care manager can greatly ease the burden by having a professional talk to your parents. Most people want to maintain their independence. A skilled geriatric care manager can help them achieve this goal.

How to help elderly parents from a distance?

With help from the appropriate elder care attorney, you can arrange for geriatric services as well as legal services for your parents, even if you are not in the area. We are skilled lawyers in putting you in touch with the right experts who can ease the burden of distance for you.

How to convince parents to go to assisted living?

You first have to determine what the least restrictive alternative is for your parents. A nurse or geriatric care manager can give you several options that are available for your elderly parents care. There are ranges of housing options for elderly which need to be examined carefully, along with their estimated costs.

How to deal with irrational elderly parents?

Your parents or parent may become irrational in his/her thinking at some point. You must separate emotions from rational thinking to be able to plan better for their needs. An elderly LCSW or social worker can visit the home and write down a plan of action for you and your parents. Sometimes, psychiatric assistance may be needed to medicate a person who is belligerent.

Are your aging parents in denial?

It is common when parents are in denial about the level of care needed for them. After all, no one wants to believe they are old or infirm. Take small steps to preserve their independence to allow them to make decisions by themselves while being safe.

When is it time to put your parents in a nursing home?

When you have ran out of all other housing options, then it may be time to think about a nursing home. Have you truly explored the location, level of care, and costs? Do you need help in figuring these out? We are here to help you find the right legal solution for your parents and their housing.

What to do when elderly parent refuses to move?

When your parent refuses to move, you should find out details of their rationale, feelings and finances to determine the source of fear in the move. Offer to assist in packing them, or paying for packing. If the house is in hoarding condition, you can get companies that specialize in these types of cases to review the costs with you. Get a geriatric care manager to tell you how much care your parents need and then evaluate all options with a conservatorship attorney.

It is time to see if your parent needs a legal method to receive help. Call us for your legal questions about conservatorships and elder care in Los Angeles. 818.340.4479