What type of attorney do you need for a disabled child or a disabled parent?

Special Needs Trust Attorney for Disabled Child or Parent in San Fernando Valley

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Special Needs Trusts Protect Special Needs Parents and Kids in the San Fernando Valley California

When you are searching for services for a disabled child or adult, you need to locate an attorney who understands special needs trusts in the San Fernando Valley. For children and adults who receive public benefits or Medi-Cal benefits, a Special Needs Trust serves as a valuable tool in preserving assets needed to care for them in the future.   If a child is eligible to receive benefits in the future, a Special Needs Trust becomes an essential part of a parent’s estate plan in protecting the minor disabled or adult disabled child.  This type of trust may be created as part of the parents’ or grandparents’ estate plan.   It is available both as a revocable trust and an irrevocable trust. If you are a parent of a special needs or disabled child in Los Angeles, one of your tasks is to make sure other family members do not unwittingly cause the denial of government benefits to your child by leaving outright benefits.

If you are a parent or grandparent of a special needs child or adult, you must consider this valuable tool in protecting the disabled child or adult. Leaving assets directly to a disabled person or child may disqualify them from certain public benefits. 

Create a Special Needs Trust to Supplement Needs of the Disabled Child or Parent

Forming a third party Special Needs Trust is just one of the techniques which provide supplemental help to a person receiving government benefits.   Supplemental or Special Needs trusts enable the trustee to use trust funds to supplement and aid a disabled person, without ever disqualifying them from SSI and Medi-Cal benefits.  Make an appointment with our Medi-Cal planning attorneys in San Fernando Valley to address your Medi-Cal questions. 

first party Special Needs Trust is one type of trust which is used for assets of the disabled person, and in litigation and settlement planning for a disabled person.  This type of trust allows the disabled person or child to keep the settlement proceeds and the public benefits. Persons over 65 years can only use a pooled special needs trust if the money is theirs, or if it has been left to them outright from someone’s estate.

Caring for your special needs child or parent

Families with special needs members often struggle over many decisions involving the future of their special needs children.   We are here to preserve assets and government benefits and can guide you as to your choices in caring for the disabled.  Comfort and care can be provided with a Special Needs Trust for your disabled child or your parent.

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