What you can expect from your conservatorship lawyer?

Let us say you are looking to find a conservatorship lawyer. You should look at many variables and ask for guidelines for Los Angeles conservatorship service. As a lawyer, I can tell you what I would expect and you can make your own decision. Here is a simple list:

Lawyer availability: You want to make sure that your lawyer is available for your hearing if you already have a hearing date. You also want to be able to speak with your lawyer on the phone at a consultation or in person. Your calls at our office are returned the same day at a preset appointment

Experience and Expertise: When your attorney is experienced in conservatorship, this can mean everything in the success of your conservatorship case. Guidance as a conservator protects you from making mistakes and protects the conservatee. Remember that we are here for the protection of the conservatee (usually an elderly person) when we represent a conservator.

Knowing the other conservatorship practitioners: when you have a conservatorship litigation case, it is important that your lawyer knows the conservatorship lawyers on the other side. This helps in strategic planning and in the ultimate resolution of your action.

Home Court Advantage: If your lawyer only dabbles in conservatorship, it would be difficult to know the methods of each of the ten conservatorship judges in Los Angeles. When your conservatorship has frequently appeared in front of the same Los Angeles County court’s conservatorship judges, your lawyer will have a sense of comfort and a sense of predictability of preferences of the judge. Thus, the term “home-court advantage.” also comes in to play in conservatorship law in Los Angeles.

With over 27 years in conservatorship law, our conservatorship attorneys can give you the greatest advantage in court. To get more information and learn about our conservatorship lawyers in Los Angeles with superb experience, call 818.340.4479 and ask for Mina Sirkin.

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