Conservatorship Litigation | What to do in Los Angeles?

When you are involved in Conservatorship Litigation, you may forget that a Los Angeles Conservatorship is unlike any other Conservatorship when parties litigate or engage in disputes.

First, the more parties petition, the more complex the conservatorship litigation gets. For example, if you have three petitioners and the court needs to determine suitability, it is a competition by three people at trial with the goal of showing one as being more suitable than others.

Testimony from outsiders may be obtained to justify the points made by each litigant in the conservatorship. Any evidence of elder abuse by someone who seeks a conservatorship for another can knock out that petitioner who has committed elder abuse out of the conservatorship case.

A Conservatorship lawsuit can be very expensive. It can negatively impact your finances or the finances of the conservatee. There needs to be an evaluation of costs when it comes to how the fees of all three conservatorships litigants get paid. In most cases, in conservatorship litigation, the fees get paid by the conservatorship estate. There are times where you may want to privately pay the fees so that your attorney’s bills are not the subject matter of the review by the court and others.

When it comes to conservatorships and litigation, you must look at the following:

  1. Can co-conservators work together?
  2. Who is bondable and who is not bondable?
  3. How will the conservatorship fees be paid?

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