The Decision to Go Forward with Conservatorship

When you are looking to help your parent but are undecided about going forward with the method to assist your mother or father, you should consider a list of a few things:

  • Does your parent need formal help?
  • Will your parent do better with informal help?
  • How will your parent feel if you sold his or her house?
  • Has a geriatric care manager examined your parent to determine if there are easier options than conservatorships?
  • Is your parent competent to sign a power of attorney?
  • If you obtain a power of attorney from a parent, will your siblings engage in a rebellion against you?
  • What are the costs of going forward with a conservatorship in Los Angeles?
  • If you start a conservatorship, will you be able to keep diligent records of your parents’ assets, income and expenses?

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