What are the rights of a conservator in California?

Whether a conservator can take action in a particular area of one’s life depends on many factors. Duties v. Rights: While there are certain duties that are assigned to a court-appointed conservator, there are certain actions that the conservator may be able to take but that the conservator is not required to take.

For example, the court can authorize the conservator to hire a property management company. The court expects that the conservator will act professionally, but the court will not second guess the conservator’s rights to select the company. If the conservator fails to hire a management company and that was an order of the court, then the court can look into whether or not the conservator has cause damage to the estate by failing to act.

It is not simple to remove or replace a conservator, once appointed. There is often no good cause to remove the person. The court does reserve the right to remove the conservator for failing to account to the court. Even so, the court gives deadlines and continuances if the conservator needs more time to file an accounting in Los Angeles.

Rights are broader than duties. Duties of the conservator are set forth in the California Probate Code 2257, 2468, and 2351 et sec.

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