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LIVING TRUST ATTORNEY LOS ANGELES – SIRKIN LAW GROUP, PC is a Los Angeles County law firm dedicated to family estate planning and living trust preparation. Our living trust attorneys focus on creating strategies and documents that protect your family before a crisis happens. With a skilled Board Certified Specialist in house, our caring living trust lawyers in Los Angeles are ready to help you in getting your affairs in order so you can continue to provide for your family without fear.

Family Protection Before A Crisis

What crisis? A crisis in a family can occur when one or more parents become ill or pass away, leaving behind your people whose lives depend on the parents. Incapacity is the primary reason why a parent cannot continue to take care of a child. Death is only the second reason for a child being left without resources. Allow us to protect your family.

Our clients contact the living trust attorney in Los Angeles, throughout Los Angeles County, Ventura County or the San Fernando Valley, and benefit from a free consultation by calling 818-340-4479 or using our email here to schedule a free initial consultation. Phone: 818-340-4479. We offer virtual and online appointments during the Stay-At-Home orders. Stay safe.

Family Protection after a Crisis

With a living trust, after there is a crisis, there is a structure that your family can depend on for easy access to the assets. If a husband and wife have formed a living trust, the access to the community assets should be instantaneous if the assets are in trust or jointly held. Talk to our living trust attorney to find out the tax benefits of holding community property assets in the trust.

Strategies and Tools: Living Trust Documents & Funds

When you combine a living trust and life insurance, you create a tool to care for a minor and the necessary financial resource for someone to pay for the care of your young children. Our living trust lawyers are guides to families who need to take care of younger children, as well as elderly parents and grandparents who wish to put their affairs in order.

Advantages of a Living Trust

The most well-known advantage of a living trust is that it avoids probate for the assets which you place in it. But there are greater advantages that just probate avoidance. Living Trusts when properly funded will also avoid a conservatorship for the assets that are placed in them when the case is uncontested. So, another benefit of the Los Angeles Living Trust attorney is that he or she can guide you to not only protect yourself in incapacity but also to protect your loved ones, should you die. For young families, the role of a living trust attorney is not just as a guide, but as a trusted advisor who can help you plan your children’s future.

The skilled Los Angeles Living Trust and estate planning attorneys of Sirkin Law Group, PC are each known as the Living Trust Attorney Los Angeles and have helped thousands of families like yours be protected from situations which can devastate them. With a living trust lawyer in Los Angeles, you can get the help you need to assist those who need protection the most. Call us at 818.340.4479 or email us here.

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