Effective Probate Mediation Los Angeles


Benefits of Probate Mediation:

1.   Estate mediation is a method of resolving probate litigation cases outside of court, without a trial. It is also common to mediate elder law cases.

2.   Mediations save money for parties involved in a conflict, because mediation generally costs $5,000 -$8,000 per day, while litigation costs thousands of dollars per month.   Most mediations resolve in one day.

3.   Probate Mediations reduce stress.   Mediations can avoid the stress of countless court hearings, and long depositions.

4.   Mediations take the decision-making away from the Court and put it in the hands of the parties to come to an agreement.

5.   Mediation agreements can be reduced into stipulated orders very quickly.

6.    Mediations leave nothing to chance.   All matters are collaboratively agreed upon, and judges and juries do not make the decision for you unless you specifically ask for it.

7.    Mediations allow the parties to vent and be heard by a neutral.

8.    Mediations save estates and conservatorships for the elderly and their children.

The difference between probate mediation and arbitration is that the mediator does not make any decision. A probate mediator is a go-between person who brings the parties to close in negotiations so that a mutually agreeable settlement can be reached. An arbitrator, on the other hand, is a decision-maker and acts much like a judge would at trial. An arbitrator is like an umpire.

A trust mediation is good for disputes involving the validity of a trust, or the administration of a trust. Trustee’s fees and attorneys fees disagreements are also a common subject matter of trust mediations when combined with other disputes. Another common subject of trust and estate mediation is beneficiary designation cases.


Contested Probate and Trust Mediation

Estate Mediation & Probate Mediation for Los Angeles Superior Court cases.

Contested Conservatorships Mediation 

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