When Family is Not the Right Choice as Conservator

Many situations involve an elderly person who has become so incapacitated that he or she cannot care for himself or herself, but where family members are just not the right choice as conservator. There are times when an attorney representing a professional conservator can help locate and introduce you to a professional fiduciary who can stop the family fights and care for the elderly.

Professional Fiduciaries are licensed individuals who can act as conservators, trustees, executors and also informally by reviewing the case to see if they can appropriately protect the elderly trust or estate.

How do you know when a family member is not the right choice as a conservator?

a) There is no family.

b) Family members have their own financial agenda.

c) Family members cannot agree on basic decisions regarding a parent, disabled or an elderly member’s life.

d) Your lawyer or attorney says they cannot help you and has referred you to get a professional conservator.

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