What Information Do I Need for Probate in Los Angeles?

To start a Probate in Los Angeles, you need the following information. Here is a list of Probate Information to gather before you start the probate process:

  1. Decedent’s name, including any aliases.
  2. Decedent’s last known address. The place of residence at the time of death governs where the probate petition must be filed.
  3. You will need the Decedent’s Certified Death Certificate.
  4. Please gather names and addresses of known relatives: Parents, Spouse, Children, Siblings of the decedent. If any person is deceased but leaves a child, please tell us.
  5. A list of decedent’s known property. A bond needs to be issued for all liquid assets of the decedent, plus annual interest on income of the assets.
  6. The name of the person who wants to be the personal representative, and their relationship to the decedent.
  7. If there is a will or trust, please provide us with the originals of those documents.
  8. Find out the social security number of the decedent.
  9. Any information about the Decedent’s banks and CPA is also very helpful.
  10. Gather information about the Decedent’s home and let us know if anyone lives there.

Once you have the above information, please call us for a free consultation and to obtain more information about probate in Los Angeles California. Call Mina Sirkin, Probate Attorney at 818.340.4479

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