Do you need help as a conservator or guardian in Los Angeles?

The most important function that a conservator or guardian has, is to protect the person and assets of the individual for whose benefit the guardian or conservator has been appointed. For the same reason, a Woodland Hills conservator’s attorney is there to advise the conservator of legal aspects of working as a conservator.

Here is a short-list of what a conservatorship attorney can do to help a guardian or conservator carry out the duties of the guardian:

  1. Advise regarding setting up books and records per the court rules.
  2. Helping with compliance with the bond and inventory issues.
  3. Getting you ready for your accounting.
  4. Advise the guardian re what NOT to do in an estate.
  5. Connect you to competent professionals, caregivers etc to help you with your duties.
  6. Connect you with a CPA who handles conservatorship and guardianship matters.
  7. We help you figure out how to pay the conservatorship fees with a court order after you are appointed.

Sometimes making a decision not to act as a conservator may be beneficiary, in which case you can consider the use of a private conservator or professional conservator for your loved one. Ask us how you may be able to communicate with a professional conservator.

When you are trying to determine if you are the right person as a conservator, we can guide you as to the best solutions and choices. Ask us to refer you to the right professional conservator or professional fiduciary, if you have been referred to one. #woodland #hills

Our conservators’ attorney can get you the legal help you need if you are a guardian or a conservator and get you through the Los Angeles Probate court system faster. Call Mina Sirkin at 818.340.4479 or email us for more legal help. #conservatorship #conservatorships #losangeles #professional #fiduciary #woodlandhills #conservator #Los #Angeles #Conservator #Guardian

Probate Court Structure Los Angeles as Described By Mina Sirkin, Los Angeles Probate Lawyer

The probate departments in the Stanley Mosk Los Angeles Probate Court work together to supervise the administration of Probate and Estate services in Los Angeles County, where people are often served by our Los Angeles Probate Lawyer, Mina Sirkin. Probate in general works to conserve the trusts and estates of deceased individuals, and handles hearings related to probate, trust, conservatorship and guardianships. While the Probate Court is a court of general jurisdiction, it does not handle civil matters, unless they are connected to a probate or trust case. Appeals from the Superior Court’s probate decisions are handled by the Court of Appeal in California.

Payment of probate creditor claims and payments to beneficiaries and heir in probate and the enforcement timely distribution of estates and trusts to the determined heirs/beneficiaries is the function of the Superior Court.

As an integral part of the trust management team, the Probate departments supervise the fiduciary duties of executors and administrators, as well as trustees, conservators and guardians in California.

The Probate Court is committed to supporting the mission, goals, objectives, and initiatives of California’s Probate Law. It also holds itself to a high level of integrity and standards in performing and carrying out its duties and functions in order to provide quality services to its beneficiaries and the public. The Probate Court also supervises the sale of real estate and manages disputes about heirship procedures.

To talk to us about your Probate questions, get straight forward answers about the Probate Court by calling Mina Sirkin, Probate Lawyer in Los Angeles at 818.340.4479

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What Information Do I Need for Probate in Los Angeles?

To start a Probate in Los Angeles, you need the following information. Here is a list of Probate Information to gather before you start the probate process:

  1. Decedent’s name, including any aliases.
  2. Decedent’s last known address. The place of residence at the time of death governs where the probate petition must be filed.
  3. You will need the Decedent’s Certified Death Certificate.
  4. Please gather names and addresses of known relatives: Parents, Spouse, Children, Siblings of the decedent. If any person is deceased but leaves a child, please tell us.
  5. A list of decedent’s known property. A bond needs to be issued for all liquid assets of the decedent, plus annual interest on income of the assets.
  6. The name of the person who wants to be the personal representative, and their relationship to the decedent.
  7. If there is a will or trust, please provide us with the originals of those documents.
  8. Find out the social security number of the decedent.
  9. Any information about the Decedent’s banks and CPA is also very helpful.
  10. Gather information about the Decedent’s home and let us know if anyone lives there.

Once you have the above information, please call us for a free consultation and to obtain more information about probate in Los Angeles California. Call Mina Sirkin, Probate Attorney at 818.340.4479

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Do you have any rights in probate?

Your rights in probate depend on several factors. When determining a beneficiary’s rights in an estate, we evaluate the following:

  1. We review the will to determine whether the prospective client has direct rights as a beneficiary of a specific gift or residue, or if the client is a contingent beneficiary.
  2. Due diligence is exercised when reviewing the inventory of an estate for discrepancies between the inventory and the accounting.
  3. Timing of the distributions from an estate tie into the rights of an heir or beneficiary in the probate estate. A late accounting and a late distribution are sometimes signs of trouble in an estate.
  4. You have a right to an accounting unless the will provides otherwise, and if the court determines that either you were paid in full, or that you do not have the required standing to request one.
  5. If an executor or administrator requests that you waive your accounting right, you should talk to an attorney to determine if that is in your best interest. Don’t sign any document before talking with an attorney, and retaining one to review the documents.
  6. You do have a reasonable right to information in probate. You can request special notice in a probate estate to get information about all court filings.

Mina Sirkin advises clients about their rights in probate in Los Angeles California. Call 818.340.4479 for appointments.

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