What is the function of a Temporary Conservatorship or an Interim Conservatorship Order in Los Angeles California?

A California temporary conservatorship is used to provide the Conservator a number of specific powers before the permanent conservatorship hearing, especially in Los Angeles where the courts are facing staffing issues. Because there is a gap in time between when you file conservatorship papers and the time the court sets a permanent conservatorship hearing date, a temporary conservatorship attorney implements a temporary conservatorship procedure that serves as means to protect the disabled or elderly person during that time. By its nature, the temporary conservatorship is an interim conservatorship and ends on a specific date unless the court renews or extends the temporary conservatorship order.

What are the requirements of the Temporary Conservatorship in Los Angeles, California?

The conservatorship Court (called the Probate Court) requires that there exist an urgency or emergency that requires the elder or disabled person to be protected during that period. The Court considers hospitalizations, risk of loss of assets and other exigent circumstances when reviewing the temporary conservatorship petition. An attorney can guide you regarding the temporary nature of the conservatorship or guardianship process. The interim conservatorship order is a provisional order and is not subject to an appeal. Note that Temporary Conservatorship powers require specific itemization of special orders.

The Court will evaluate the magnitude of the urgency and the harm that would come to the proposed conservatee if the conservatorship is not issued. Healthcare decisions are given a priority, followed by the ability to pay for care of the proposed conservatee.

What is going on in the Los Angeles Court during the Covid Orders with respect to Temporary Conservatorship matters?

The Stanley Mosk Los Angeles Superior Court will continue to hear all emergency cases including Temporary Conservatorships and Temporary Restraining Order requests.

What should I do if my elderly parent or loved one needs Temporary Protection with a Temporary Conservatorship?

We can help you evaluate short-term solutions in emergency health cases. Immediately call us for a telephone conference or online video conference appointment about Los Angeles Temporary Conservatorships. We call you back right away and be sure to tell our operators that you have an emergency. Call 818.340.4479 or email: [email protected].

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