Los Angeles Probate Real Estate Dispute Services

When you have been involved in an estate case in Los Angeles, there may be times where you need the services of a Los Angeles Probate Real Estate attorney.

Here is a list of some specific cases where you can use our probate services:

  1. When you are bidding on a probate property in Los Angeles.
  2. When you are involved in a dispute regarding title to an asset which is either in probate, in an estate, or in a trust.
  3. When you believe that the estate asset should not be in the probate court.
  4. When you want to petition to partition the property.
  5. When you have a dispute with an estate or administrator about ownership or title to a property.
  6. When you are about to sell a piece of property and escrow or title tells you that you need a probate court order.

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